Show up. Breathe. Be present. Love.

There is so much to feel and plan leading up to a lifestyle session. You want these photos to be "perfect". You want your kids to look magical and happy. You want your clothing to be paired perfectly with one another. You want to have your best hair day. You want your makeup to accentuate your features in just the right ways. Long story short, you want YOUR photos to looks like all of THOSE photos you have been drooling over for months.

Here's the secret: you don't have to worry about any of that.

All you have to do is show up, breathe, be present, and love on your people. That is it! The result will be a BEAUTIFUL set of photographs documenting this season of life that you will hold so dear to your heart. Of course, wear something you feel lovely in. Put the kids in the outfits you adore them in and that they can play easily in. Have your significant other coordinate with you, without "matching." Wear your makeup how you normally would. Do your hair how you like it. Most importantly, look like YOU. These photos will bring you back to life RIGHT NOW when you pull them out to look at them in 20, 30, 40 years and being able to see your sweet family just as you were will mean more to you than perfectly primped and overly coordinated or matching.

Plus, I'm going to tell you to LOVE on each other and PLAY! You want to be able to do lots and lots and lots of that!

Preparing for a Newborn Session

This is also something you do not need to overthink or over plan for. Newborn sessions are so relaxed and meant to be cozy and comfortable. Simplicity is best for these sessions: a onesie or soft jammies or a swaddle or even just a diaper for babe. Parents should be equally comfy - moms a soft dress, leggings and a yummy sweater or soft flowy top. Dads you're typically in jeans and one of your favorite comfy shirts: flannel, collared, a nice t-shirt. Socks and shoes off for everyone, and your home's coziest places uncluttered. Baby's room, parents' room, or any other spot your family likes to cozy up.

We will shoot in the baby's room + usually near a window to let the light in on your faces. An open and uncluttered crib is beautiful for shots of your new little one sleeping or curiously watching the light and the colors of their new room. Or they're crying and can't get comfortable, and another secret: that is 100% okay too! SO many newborn sessions have an unhappy baby, because babies just aren't happy sometimes. But it's still BEAUTIFUL. Because it is YOU doing this new life with YOUR baby. Whether your baby is perfectly peaceful or colicky, this is YOUR most special chapter of life that you won't get back. And these photographs will be your connection to the easy and the hard that fills the pages.

Don't stress if baby needs to eat in the middle of the session. And then needs to eat again. And then has a blow out. Then cries because they you can't get them to burp. We roll with it all. I want to be a fly on your wall on a typical day, just documenting it all. To me, THAT is what is beautiful.

Truly, don't stress.

I will post about this often to give more reassurance and tips for the minimal prep required for a beautiful session. It truly should be one of the least stressful things in your life! All you have to do is show up and be yourselves. There is so much beautiful woven into the simplicity of your life, I promise. And I'm here to capture it.